Thread By Thread: Costumes on Screen


Riley Leonhardt currently works in Creative Costuming at Walt Disney World and has worked at many theater’s on the East Coast including: Olney Theatre Center, Theatre J,  The Lost Colony, and Merrimack Repertory Theatre. She is a graduate of Christopher Newport University and  hopes to one day work in Film a Wardrobe Supervisor and eventually a Costume Designer. She also enjoys making painting & paper crafting, as well as cooking. Her portfolio can be viewed at

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  1. this is a fantastic blog! I have really enjoyed it and look forward to reading more. May you have much success as a designer. CB

  2. What a brilliant blog! I love costume analysis – find it absolutely fascinating and so glad to find a blog dedicated to it. On a side note, have you seen Penelope? The wedding dress in that is beautiful plus her other costumes remarkable.

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